Loaded Sushi Bowl


Here is a light and fresh Loaded Sushi Bowl to keep you energized and full of veggies as you find your fall groove. This is an easy meal to prep, especially if you have a food processor. Feel free to add your own twist! Serves 2.


1 medium organic beet
2 medium organic carrots
2 organic avocados
1 organic cucumber
Organic chives
6 organic Hakurei turnips
4 sheets of Nori
1 cup of cooked quinoa or 2 cups of roasted cauliflower rice
Organic toasted sesame oil
Organic rice wine vinegar
Gluten Free Tamari or Coconut Sauce (Aminos)

Make It:

Cook the quinoa or roasted cauliflower rice. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool.

When the quinoa or cauliflower rice is underway, wash the beets, carrots and cucumber and grate each one separately, using a food processor. I rinse the food processor in between each vegetable so the colors remain crisp. However, if you are in a rush feel free to create a mix in the food processor. The cucumber will give off water – drain this off. Place each vegetable in a separate serving bowl.

Slice the turnips and avocado and place in serving dishes, and cut up the chives with scissors.

Two at a time, fold the Nori in half and cut into strips with scissors.

Assemble your sushi bowl to your pleasure. Then sauce it! I love a drizzle of sesame oil and rice vinegar over the dish. On the side, I mix together my wasabi and Tamari or Coconut Aminos and then pour it on top.


Willis Hoff