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Want to Be a Part of the Anthem Hills Family Farm Story?

After Floyd and Barb attended a Joel Salatin conference in 2013, inspiration for farming took root, spreading to Jenny and Sean. The thought of working together as a family to grow healthy food in a way that restores the earth resonated deeply with all of them.

Doors opened, and Jenny ended up on Sundog Organic Farm helping with end of season labour and vegetable harvesting. It was sheer delight and hard work. James Vriend and Jenny Berkenbosch, the owners, generously invited both Sean and Jenny to apprentice with them the following season and they soaked in as much of their knowledge and skill as they could, wanting to get a taste of what life would look like if they took the plunge into farming.

The full season at Sundog Organic Farm was an incredible gift to Sean and Jenny. This family is so generous in sharing their lives and work – they are a huge inspiration and amazing teachers. The excellence with which James and Jenny farm gave Sean and Jenny a firm foundation of workable knowledge to move forward into starting an organic vegetable operation.  

Conversations about buying a property and farming together took on a whole new reality. It took another couple of years of research, saving, selling of the family cabin in BC, dreaming and searching for land. Farm tours at Ruzicka Sunrise Farm and Grass Roots Family Farm inspired even more excitement over what was possible. In late 2015 they came across a beautiful piece of land near Sangudo, Alberta, which is now Anthem Hills Family Farm.

All four attended a Holistic Management Course together in early 2016, which helped shape their farm plan and vision. The relationships and sense of community with other farmers gained from this course has been an incredible resource and encouragement.

Jenny and Sean moved out to the farm in spring 2016, with Barb and Floyd splitting their time between commitments in Calgary and farm life at Anthem Hills, to get a vegetable CSA program off the ground in year one.

The first season was wonderfully successful, and the adventure continues…