Grass-fed Beef


100% Grassfed Beef

Our cattle have been raised on grass their entire life. They have been gently raised and handled, and rotationally grazed, which provides excellent environmental benefit to the land and nutrition to the cows. Rotational grazing is a powerful land management tool that can help restore pasture. Our animals enjoy an amazing salad bar of green grasses to graze on and are moved regularly to fresh pasture based on the stage of the forage. The land benefits from the livestock manure and trampling in of seed, while also being allowed time to grow back to a healthy length before being grazed again. 

We have been looking forward to welcoming cattle to the land since we started the farm and it feels great to have them grazing the grassy hills. They enjoy a peaceful and calm environment where they can do all the things cows like to do!   

Our cattle are antibiotic and hormone free. Grass-fed beef is packed with nutrition, heart healthy omega-3’s, and conjugated linoleic acid. 

We will be selling directly, in whole beef, halves and quarters (split-halves). Order forms are accessible on our home page. They are in Google Forms format for your convenience. If this format does not work for you, please let us know and we will be happy to take your order another way.