Floyd Snyder

Having fully retired in 2016, Floyd, with Barb, decided to redirect their energy and resources towards the to-be-developed farm.  Perhaps a dormant farming and ranching life imprint from parents and grandparents and certainly the inviting partnership with daughter Jenny and son in law Sean were the contributing impetus.  The opportunity for new challenges, to work towards a lifestyle of greater sustainability, to be part of a community producing and desiring quality food sources, and to work as partners are all part of the intangibles.  It’s been wonderfully challenging.


Barb Snyder

Barb comes from a rural background.  Her parents farmed in Saskatchewan as grain farmers, her dad was also a machinist, and they always had a horse, a herd of cows, and a few chickens.  Barb trained as a nurse and spent much of the last three decades volunteering in the communities where we raised our family; their schools, Brownies, the church and Pioneer Ranch Camps.  Barb loves the Creator of the open spaces.  She loves and values her faith, her family, her friends and neighbors, walking, gardening and being outdoors. She is now a proud grandmother of two grandsons.


Sean Robinson

Sean grew up climbing trees in rural BC.  From there he moved to Edmonton to study, work and eventually marry a pretty girl named Jenny. When a surprising dream of good farming arose, Sean’s inherent desires to care for people and the earth met his zeal for outdoor work and his heart sang!

Impassioned research, and hands-on learning began.  From hobby-gardening to apprenticing under veteran farmers at Sundog Organic Farm, to running a garden-club for neighbourhood kids in Edmonton, the learning curve has been steep and fruitful.  Sean endeavors to be as generous with knowledge, experience and teaching as so many folks have been with him.

Sean finds great joy in the rhythm and challenges of building up a farming operation.  He has major love for Jesus, family, friends, adventure, the outdoors, working with his hands, learning by doing, and things done right.  Farming responsibly, together with family and community, feels deeply right.


Jenny Robinson

As one who loves quality time with people, adventure, creating welcoming spaces of gathering, rest and beauty, growing healthy and delicious food, and caring for the earth, Jenny finds this farm to be such a place of joy and learning.

Jenny grew up in Calgary with fond childhood memories of starting seeds under fluorescent lights in the basement, a greenhouse teeming with tomatoes and pushing her toy truck around picking up worms as the family worked the garden in their backyard. She’s always enjoyed growing green things on balconies and in community gardens, and now, on the farm, loves the growing seasons spent out on the land. After marrying Sean, the two of them asked God for a common dream that they could share together, and they are now farming it, along with Jenny’s parents, Barb and Floyd.


Jesse Robinson

The newest farmer in the family, Jesse is generous with smiles and cuddles.  He is a long awaited gift and we are so thankful that he has joined us!