Anthem Hills
Family Farmers

“ANTHEM means 'a song of rejoicing and it is our goal to farm in a way that makes the land, animals and people involved rejoice!”

We are Jenny and Sean Robinson and Barb and Floyd Snyder; family, farmers, and co-entrepreneurs.  It is our goal to farm in a way that makes the land, animals and people involved rejoice!

As a local producer, we are so close to our market that we have been able to select varieties of vegetables for delicious flavour instead of transportability. Our produce is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, which means a lot of love and hard work goes into growing it! We weed by hand, use row covers to control pests, use cover-crops and green manures to build up soil health, etc.  Our seeds are all non-GMO and we choose certified organic seed when they’re available. We are pursuing organic certification.  As we’ve endeavoured to farm by organic standards, we look forward to the extra guidance that will come in relationship with our certifying body.  We aim to enrich our little piece of earth as well as our collective nutrition through the way we farm and the quality of the food we grow.

This year we will are taking a break from the vegetable CSA and will be planting our garden with successive green manure crops to enrich the soil. This will give us time to welcome cattle to Anthem Hills. Rotational grazing is a powerful land management tool that can help restore pasture, and we are looking forward to getting to know the animals that join our farm. 

We look forward to bringing you delicious, nutrient-rich food that is worth rejoicing over!


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